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In the spirit of “wartime manufacturing,” prometheus makes face shields to protect frontliners

Rosie the Riveter posters w/face shield

In late March, as word was spreading that health care workers faced dire PPE shortages in their fight against the novel coronavirus, we asked ourselves: What can Prometheus do to help?

In the spirit of “wartime manufacturing,” we flew into action, ordering materials to make face shields, an indispensable piece of protective gear in infectious disease situations. On Sunday, March 29th, we fired up our massive water jet cutter. Normally, the machine is busy carving out the metal plates we use to make our Faraday Reactor for our Titan fuel forges. Instead, we re-tooled it to cut plastic faceplates for what would become thousands of face shields.

Adam running the water jet cutter

Using the infection control-approved design developed by engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we created the “Prometheus Shield.” Less than 48 hours later, we sent our first shipment of 700 face shields to hospitals in Brooklyn, North Carolina, and Los Angeles. We’ve since been listed as an accredited supplier on U Wisconsin-Madison’s PPE provider database, and are working to fill orders for emergency departments and other medical facilities across the U.S. Our message to all the health care workers out there: Team Prometheus is here for you.

Rosie the Riveter poster w/face shield