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How does the Prometheus Titan fuel forge work? Science magazine takes us inside the machine

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In March of 2019, Robert Service, a writer for Science, the premiere peer-review journal for scientific news and cutting-edge research, traveled to Silicon Valley to meet with Prometheus founder, Rob McGinnis. Service toured the shop where McGinnis was building the Titan fuel forge prototype and attended Y Combinator’s Demo Day to see Prometheus’s launch.

In his article, Service takes readers inside the Titan fuel forge prototype for a detailed look at the chemical processes that drive Prometheus’s novel CO2-to-fuels technology. A full-page graphic shows the electrocatalysis stack and molecular sieve that give Prometheus its competitive edge, explaining how they work to convert atmospheric CO2 into alcohols.

Illustrating the article is a striking image by photojournalist LiPo Ching, taken shortly before the feature ran in the July 5th, 2019 issue. The fuel aflame in McGinnis’s gloved hands was synthesized from the air, and extracted from the Titan 5 fuel forge prototype hours before the picture was taken.

Read the Science article here.

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