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BMW i Ventures Podcast: Rob McGinnis talks the fastest route to zero net carbon

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Prometheus founder and CEO, Rob McGinnis, chats with Greg Smithies, partner at BMW i Ventures, in Episode 3 of the VC firm’s “Agile Precision” podcast.

Says Smithies: “I went, over the course of the last five or six months since we first met, from an extremely strong skeptic on this to really believing that this is one of the requisite pathways that we as humanity need in order to actually save ourselves.”

Tune in to find out what changed Smithies’s mind. Other takeaways include:

  • what it was about Prometheus’s tech and fuels that convinced BMW i Ventures to invest
  • how advances in tech, political will, and public concern for the climate have created the perfect moment for zero net carbon fuels to go head-to-head with fossil fuels at the pump
  • why electric cars and biofuels can’t solve the climate crisis
  • what policy measures could turbocharge the rollout of zero net carbon fuels, across the U.S. and the world
  • where and when you’ll be able to buy Prometheus gasoline
  • how Prometheus plans to scale its zero net carbon fuels in time to prevent catastrophic warming
“All the cars and trucks are the same, all the airplanes, all the long-haul trucks and shipping fleets are the same, but we change the fuel,” said Prometheus CEO Rob McGinnis. “We don’t have to change the fuel infrastructure because we’re making gasoline that is molecularly identical to gasoline from oil. It’s just made a new way and has different consequences, good consequences… It’s the fastest way to solve the problem.”